Environmental Rollback Legislation Comes Under Attack 

Environmental advocates joined sportsmen in Augusta Wednesday to speak out against proposed laws they say are an assault on Maine’s environment.The group named 10 different pieces of legislation currently being considered. Most of the bills deal with easing up on shoreland zoning and other environemtnal regulations.The group says it would increase pollution, reduce property values, and devastate wildlife. “A host of pending bills would gut protections that keep water in our lakes, streams, and rivers clean. They would slash habitat protections for water fowl and other wildlife and undercut the safeguards for Maine’s hunting and fishing heritage as well as our number one industry tourism,” says Maggie Shannon, Executive Director of the Maine Congress of Lakes Association. Senator Doug Thomas sponsored some of the bills that came under attack. He says the bills are designed to help landowners. “This is land that they’re limited in what they can log they’re limited on road building and they’re limited on their use and yet their property taxes don’t change,” Says Thomas.All of the bills discussed today are on their way to committees for public hearings and debate.