Book and Program Helping Elderly Mainers Stay at Home Longer 

The baby boomer population is aging and statistics show by the year 2050 the number of Americans 65 and older is projected to be more than 88-million.Doctor Allan Teel stopped by the Bangor Public Library Tuesday morning to talk about his book, ” Alone and Invisible: Averting Disaster in an Aging America”.The book is an overview of how elders are valued and cared for. It acts as a model to keep older folks in their homes instead of nursing homes and other facilities.The Charlotte White Center in Dover-Foxcroft uses the models in the book for its Full Circle America Program. A program making it possible for elders to stay at home longer. ” This is a model that is based on 21st century technology with good old-fashioned neighborliness, to keep elders in their own homes and more importantly to keep them connected to things that are important to them,” said Dr. Allan Teel.” This program will help people stay in their own homes and stay with their belongings and with family and their neighbors and their communities,” added Meg Dexter, division leader at the Charlotte White Center.For more information on Full Circle America visit