St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations 

Bangor is seeing green, as folks celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.”You have to have green and you have to have bling.””My wife purchased this a year or two ago. I didn’t think she should have but there’s been a lot of compliments today on it.”Paddy Murphy’s in downtown Bangor opened at 6 am.”When we got here, we already had people waiting outside. It filled up real quick.”Being an irish pub, Paddy Murphy’s is usually a hot spot for all those leprechauns. “We are in a lot of ways and it sounds off for me to say it, but we are kind of the crown jewel of Bangor at this point and people come here and they know this is the place where they want to be.”So what is it that draws so many folks out on this holiday?”For me personally, I always wait for that first warm day of the season. I think that has something real big here. It breathes life into St. Patrick’s Day as a celebration where we’re all Irish and we’re all a little jolly and we hoot and holler and have some fun.”Corn beef and rheuben sandwiches were the popular meals at most places.For one couple this day is extra special.”Well, it’s his birthday and we were married in Scotland ten years ago.”