Colby Men’s Basketball Coach Dick Whitmore Retires 

Dick Whitmore stepped down today as Colby Men’s basketball coach. He had an incredible run. He coached the Mules for 40 years. His 637 career wins rank him in the top 50 all time at all levels of college basketball.It has been his identity and he has helped hundreds of young men develop their own. Tim Throckmorton with more.”Come on we have to play defense.”Dick Whitmore – Colby Head Coach 1970-2011″This has been it for me for 40 years. It will never leave me and that which I am is due to what Colby gave me the opportunity to do.”He has coached All Americans. One was there today as soon as he heard.Matt Hancock – Colby Basketball 1986-1990″For all of us to have had the fortune to have been here when he was here has changed all of our lives I’m forever endepted to his energy and spirit I didn’t know what to do but come this morning and start crying with him.””Its been hard not crying since the depth and the loss of connection that I feel already.”And the connection of Whitmore to the school and community and basketball throughout this region is emense.Marcella Zalot – Colby Athletic Director”It’s a sad day because he is Colby mens basketball he is Colby athletics he’s been here so long and had such an impact he is Colby mens basketball.”Twenty years ago this program had an incredible run. And it just so happens that his son Kevin was playing then and also an All American.”That’s a highlight cause it brought it to a personal basis that was amazing the depth. Each year has been a special experience and every opportunity has been amazing to me.”