Local Students Show Off their TV Production Skills 

It’s showtime for some of the top vocational students from across the state.The Skills USA Competition is taking place in Bangor.The competition gives kids a chance to compete in dozens of categories.” I’ve won silver two years in a row. It’s time to win gold, bring it home to NESCOM,” said Chad Riendeau, a junior at NESCOM.Chad Riendeau is no stranger to the television production aspect of the Skills USA Competition: this is his third year taking on the challenge.” This causes you to think professionally very quickly, so it’s a good experience for sure,” said Riendeau.Nine teams have accepted the task at hand. They’ve made it this far, by beating out other teams at their schools. Their latest mission: put together a winning ad for a client.” Create a 30 second ad for Hammond Lumber Company and our focus is the Maine log cabins,” said Eleanor Kipping, a senior at NESCOM.” Two hours of shooting, two hours of editing, put it into a full package ad,” added Riendeau.The teams have just four hours to pull it all off and they’re being judged on every aspect.” Videography skills, they’re going to be judged on their editing skills, their audio, their use of graphics and also what their message is to their client,” said Matt Green-Hamann, a judge. All of the teams are shooting at the same time, in the same place.” It gets pretty crowded. It’s pretty difficult to get a shot without having the trace of somebody’s foot in your shot or the whole house starting to shake and causing your shot to not be as stable,” said Kipping.” It works out really well if you just compose yourself and get out there and do what you need to do,” added Riendeau.The goal, of course, is to take home the gold and make it to the national competition: but it’s also about team work and getting a glimpse into life after school.The winner’s will be announced Friday night.The national competition will be held in Kansas City in June.