Earthquake in Japan Gets Attention from Folks at UMaine 

People around the world are watching in disbelief as they see the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.It’s certainly got the attention of folks at Umaine because of the science involved and for one employee there, it’s because her family lives in Japan.A seismograph at UMaine picked up readings of waves about fourteen minutes after the first quake hit in Japan.The 8.9 quake unleashed a deadly 23-foot tsunami and was followed by more than fifty aftershocks.News spread fast and was alarming for UMaine employee Keiko Myer.She immediately tried reaching her family.After some difficulty she got through and found out they’re all safe.She says her heart goes out to all those affected.”It kills me. There are so many people that still cannot go home or find any family members. So I just want to pray for everyone.”Myer has a trip planned to Japan in May.