It All Starts with the Hair For Brewer High School Hockey 

The Brewer hockey team has a pre game style that has translated to wins. OK, they’re pretty good anyway, and a game day hairstyle for the players is just for fun. But its also a tribute to one UMaine hockey player.Jake Valley – Brewer Senior”One of the younger players came up with it doing it to look like Gustav Nyquist he’s a lot of kids idol we thought it would be fun.”Evan Nedeau – Brewer Senior”Its a Gustav Nyquist thing. Go Gustav.””Command of the ice how he plays the game he’s fun to watch he’s kinda like Alexander Ovechkin he puts on a show.”Gustav Nyquist – Maine Junior”Its awesome, I heard they are slicking back their hair I support that.””Little ritual gets smiles from classmates.” “It’s a nice way to look, a little back slick.””I’m a fan of his Facebook page, he’s the man, he’s the man.””We all slick our hair back together come in as a team stand there as a team and win or lose as a team.””I just wanna wish them good luck in their state championship game its gonna be a heck of a game and wish the best of luck to you guys.”