New York Jets Matt Mulligan Visits Penquis Valley High School 

Matt Mulligan was at penquis high school this morning. Home of the Patriots, and wearing his New York Jets jersey. He’s been in the NFL for three years.He grew up about 25 miles away in Enfield with no football, but with a work ethic that helped him overcome incredible odds.”Well the biggest thing I like to get across is determination and working hard.””I think you have to tell yourself I’m gonna do it I can do this because if not you’re fighting a battle that you’re creating for yourself other than the obstacles you are gonna encounter anyway.””For kids to know that just because you’re from a small town in Maine just because you haven’t had all the extras other places have doesn’t mean you can’t aspire to be what you wanna be.””Every day I can get better there is never a day when I said I couldn’t have gotten better today. Thats what I love about football.””Let me tell you when you have 2,000 variations of plays you can’t tell me anybody is dumb you have to memorize those and at any point they could call any of them.””If I were to sit back and think I really like this I think I would lose my job. I can enjoy myself in the off season.”