Middle School Girls Expand Their Horizons 

Middle school girls from across the state gathered at the University of Maine Wednesday to expand their horizons. It was part of program designed to turn them on to math and science.About twenty-nine schools from across the state took part in this year’s Expanding your Horizons national program.It’s aimed at encouraging girls to consider careers in math and science.” They are going to go to three separate workshops that have different kinds of fun, hands-on workshops for the girls.”The girls learned about a variety of careers, from how to construct bridges to identifying different animals in the wild.” We really need more people going into the sciences and technology. The US is pretty much maxed out on the people going into that field and we’re getting outpaced by other countries who just have a larger population.”Organizers say they are always looking for more creativity and different perspectives in these sorts of fields.” And the population that has the best chance of boosting up those numbers and bringing that in is females.”All the girls on-hand were enthusiastic about the workshops.” I think it’s really cool. I think this is an awesome opportunity for all the girls in Maine to be able to come and do this and find out about jobs.”They say they are taking a lot a way from the program.” How the different pelts felt and how different skulls had different roughness to them.”” Usually we don’t know what our options are. We don’t know everything we can do and there’s so much that we can do.”