Maine Native Survives Again – Super Villain Russell Is Out On Survivor 

Maine native Ashley Underwood survived another tribal council and will stay in Nicaragua for at least one more week. Meanwhile Survivor veteran Russell Hantz lost his duel with first time contestant Matt Elrod and made a surprising early exit from the show.Benton native Underwood kept quiet for the most part with the exception of voicing her disgust with tribe mate Phillip Sheppard who continued to traipse around camp in his pink underwear and annoy everyone on his tribe. Underwood seems secure in her alliance with the other Survivor veteran on this season’s cast Boston Rob Mariano. Underwood’s tribe, Ometepe, is hoping to perform better in challenges after losing another immunity challenge. The only victory Ometepe has notched came after the Zapatera tribe lost intentionally to vote Hantz out.Before heading to tribal council Underwood tried to lobby her tribe mates to send Sheppard, and his pink underwear, to Redemption Island but in the end Boston Rob got his wish and Kristina Kell joined Matt Elrod on Redemption Island.