Hundreds of Special Olympics Athletes Compete in Basketball Tournament 

This squad, called The Mighty Motivators, is cheering on over two hundred athletes.They’re hoping to get the competitors of the Central Maine Special Olympics Basketball Tournament pumped up and ready to play.Some experienced athletes are competing in a five on five tournament, while others are working on individual basketball skills.Coach Frank Theriault says the teams work hard practicing for this tournament.”We practice for 2 hours every Saturday working on individual team skills as well as teamwork and just playing five on five,” he said.Volunteer Scott Cryer has been helping out with the Special Olympics since he was a kid. He says it provides a great opportunity for the athletes.”It’s fun to see all the people doing something that they like to do and have fun. And they aren’t really able to get out very much so it’s good to see them get out and compete with eachother,” he said.Once the competition was over, gold, silver and bronze medals were given out to winners of the individual and team events.But 11-year old athlete Brandon Morris says its not about winning a medal.”It’s about having fun,” said Morris.