Alleged Toys for Tots Thief Charged with Felony 

The man accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of toys from Toys for Tots, made his first court appearance in Bangor, Wednesday.57-year-old Jim Nickerson of Bangor was a volunteer for the organization when police seized stolen toys from his home last December.Caroline Connolly was in the courtroom and joins us live from the newsroom with the latest.Nickerson is facing a felony theft charge because police say the toys they found in his home were valued at more than a thousand dollars.Nickerson pleaded not guilty today, and accepted a court appointed attorney. But last december, Nickerson sat down with TV-5 and admitted he did steal those toys.Nickerson said he knew it was a bad choice, and he had made a mistake.His attorney, Jeff Silverstein, re-emphasized that claim and said there is some uncertainty as to how much all those toys are actually worth.”Mr. Nickerson, again, is very ashamed and embarrassed for the conduct he engaged in, but in discussions with me indicated that it may be that this is not as a grand a scheme as has been represented. He had been ill over the course of the fall and he had engaged in some conduct just prior to December, and greatly disputes, at this point in time, that the value involved is in excess of one thousand dollars.”Nickerson will be back in court on May 5, at which time his attorney hopes to have the felony charges reduced.A felony conviction comes with a maximum five year prison sentence.Nickerson is free on bail.