Woman Accused of Horse Abuse Faces Fine 

The trial of a woman accused of animal abuse ended, Tuesday, with only one part of the verdict delivered. Jean Marie Ahearn is guilty of a civil violation for cruelty to animals.Ahearn’s six horses were seized from her Dedham home in October of last year.The state found their living conditions to be inadequate. But Ahearn is still waiting to hear if she can have the animals back.In closing arguments, the state argued that Ahearn never complied with requests to build better shelter for the horses.Two tin structures she created in 2009 were knocked down during winter storms and never rebuilt.The state said she ignored a citation in January of 2010, and did nothing for the animals.However, the defense argued that Ahearn has worked with horses for more than twenty years. Ahearn’s attorney, Steve Smith, pointed out that even after the citation, the state never felt the need to take the horses.It was only in October of last year, when Ahearn went to the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, that problems arose. “While she was gone a friend was caring for the horses. Problems developed, a pump broke and the state happened to come by, look at a dry tank of water at the wrong time,” said Smith.Ahearn left for her trip on September 22, 2010, and after concern from neighbors reached the Humane Agency, the horses were taken on October 6. “You have six horses that according to our evidence that we presented at the hearing that there were many, many days that went by where no one was coming to the property to provide care,” said Assistant District Attorney, Bill Entwisle. Tuesday’s outcome left Ahearn with a fine for the civil violation.The judge is expected to decide whether or not she will get the horses back sometime next week.