Local Students Compete to Design Newspaper Ads 

Piscataquis Community Elementary School students were given an assignment: Create an ad for the Valley Grange and it could run in the newspaper.”They told me that people would win if they had a good drawing,” said third grade winner Ashley Nanney.The Valley Grange has now announced the winning ads for The Newspapers in Education Contest.To these students, the Valley Grange is known for its “Bookworms” program, which encourages students to love reading.Art teacher Jane Daniels told students to showcase the company’s product in their ads. All of the winning ads featured the “Bookworms” concept.”I drew a person reading with steam coming out of his ears because he was thinking too hard,” said third grade winner Olivia Riitano.Megan Beckwith, another third grade winner, featured a poem in her ad. She wrote, “Reading is important especially for a test and if you read once a day, you really are the best.”Valley Grange Program Director Walter Boomsma is one of the grange workers who reads with the students.”Hopefully we’ve created an environment for reading and I think that shows in the ads,” said Boomsma.Fourth grade winner Ethan Chadwick says reading takes him to a new world.”It’s a way to express your imagination. You can go into a different world if you’re having a hard time anywhere,” he said. All of the ads will be graded by Mrs. Daniels.”They will get grades on this. They’ll do well,” said Daniels.In addition to a good grade, every participant will receive a “thank you” magnet from Valley Grange.The two other winners of the contest are Jemyni True and Alison Quimby. The winning ads will be featured in the March 30th edition of the Piscataquis Observer.