Ice Creates Challenges for Power and Cleanup Crews 

Torrential rain is all but a distant memory as drivers hit the roads to go about their day.Now that rain has turned into ice creating a challenge for crews trying to clean up the mess mother nature left behind.”We’ve been pretty lucky this year we’ve seen a lot of light fluffy snow that wasn’t the case yesterday and Sunday so this was probably one of the more significant storms outage wise,” says Susan Faloon with Bangor Hydro.Faloon says the storm knocked out power to more than 65-hundred customers in the Penobscot and Piscataquis County areas.”When the damage is widespread like that a lot of trees are broken, a lot of poles are broken, that kind of thing that’s not centrally located takes much longer to fix.”The thick ice brought back memories of an ice storm that hit Bangor in 1998.”The icing on the tree limbs and the power lines causing those trees to bend and break and that sort of thing those are very much conditions like the ice storm of 98.”Bangor Hydro’s crews weren’t the only ones that were busy. Matthew Oakes with Bangor Public Works says crews are out in full force.With snow from past storms already in ditches, Oakes say the water had no place to go.Low lying areas had to deal with flooding as a result.”We had to sand bag some areas and go right into the fields with backhoes and stuff just plow past for the water to go to get it into the streams,” he said.Crews with Bangor Hydro and Bangor Public Works are expected to continue working on the storm well into the week.