High School Students Hope to Lure Ellen to Speak at Graduation 

The students of Hermon High School want a big name speaker at their high school graduation: Ellen Degeneres.Senior Class President Chelsea Lear-Ward and her class council came up with the idea during a meeting.They created a 4 and a half minute video which lists the top ten reasons for the talk show host to speak at commencement.Since the video was posted this past Sunday, it has received more than 9-hundred hits on YouTube.comLear-Ward says having Ellen speak at her graduation would be the perfect ending to her senior year.”We’d just love to have her Skype in and speak at our graduation, who can say I had Ellen Degeneres speak at my graduation? That would be top notch, I’d definitely say,” she said.You can see the video by logging onto and searching “Save Us Ellen Hermon High School.”Commencement is scheduled in June.