Public to Talk About East Millinocket Mill Sale 

Folks in East Millinocket will have a chance Monday night to talk about a possible plan to sell the Katahdin Paper mill.It’s a move that would keep the mill open, but could also mean cuts in town services or programs.The public hearing starts at 6 p.m. at Schenck High School.Meriturn Partners, a company based in California, wants to buy the East Millinocket Mill, which employs about 450 people. The purchase would also include the Millinocket mill that’s closed. The company’s asking for $48 million in tax breaks from both of the towns. Mark Scally, the chair of the East Millinocket Board of Selectmen, says that could mean budget cuts and layoffs. But the company that currently owns the mill is planning to close it on April 22nd if a sale doesn’t go through.Scally says a straw poll will be taken tonight to see if folks want to continue negotiating a purchase plan with Meriturn Partners. Scally says officials with both towns will meet with prospective buyer on Thursday.