Art Showcase Comes to Bangor 

Today, art classes from around the state collaborated for a special showcase.For the next two weeks, students ranging from pre-K to high school will have their work on display at the Bangor Mall.If a picture is worth a thousand words, than students throughout Maine have a lot to say. “Everyone is expressing themselves in such a different way and unique way in everything that they’re doing,” said art teacher, Maryanne Hennessy-Ashe.Whether it be through the brush strokes of a first grader, or the camera lens of a high school student, for the next two weeks Ashe, along with other art teachers, is giving kids a chance to showcase their personalities.”They’re working, striving towards getting better in themselves, but also they’re interested in coming here and seeing other people’s work.”And they’ll have plenty to look at.This year, the ‘Art in the Heart” exhibit attracted more than fifty teachers from schools throughout the state.”I think art is as big a part of being a human being as math, writing and all the other subject areas,” said Old Town Elementary teacher, Pam Dunphy.Which is why for the last thirty-five years the exhibit has garnered support from not only teachers and students, but anyone who happens to pass by.”Finding her flower, Victoria Lander, right there, it’s very nice, very rewarding us.” And it could mean something to more than just a proud grandfather.”I think when people look at student work they become enthusiastic and excited about potential, human potential, artistic potential,” said co-organizer, Kal Elmore. Which in this room, can found as far as the eye can see.