Cardboard Sled Race Draws Big Crowd in Bangor 

Hunter Higgins and his dad Paul raced down Essex Street Hill as the crowd cheered them on.”When we swerved around a bunch of snow went in our face, a lot of it,” Hunter said as he described the experience.Their sled, the SS Peter Pants, isn’t your ordinary sled.”We got the name from me dressed up in a Peter Pan costume I was wearing funny pants.”With cardboard, glue and some 3-hundred rolls of duct tape later, it was born.Radio station WKIT has been hosting the cardboard carnival for several years and event organizers say it’s a nice break from the winter blues.”When people are sick of winter you got the little cabin fever setting in this thing comes along every year, it’s a chance to blow off a little steam and have some fun,” said WKIT personality ScoMo.People of all ages showed off their cardboard creations.Contestants weren’t judged on speed but on distance and prizes were awarded in several categories.Malcolm Willey of Dedham and his daughter Skylar zoomed down the slope in a great white shark.”I came up with the design of a boat and then it went from a boat to a shark.”Willey says he already has plans for next year.”We’ll bring something a little bigger next time maybe a 3 seater yep we’ll definitely be coming back.”