Hoop-E Pies Show Team Spirit 

There are a lot of basketball fans in the state.There are also a lot of whoopie pie fans in Maine.Now, a local bake shop is joining the two together, into a Hoop E Pie. ” High school basketball in the state of Maine is huge, it always has been,” said Skip Chappelle, director of the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame.Hoops fans of all ages now have another way to show their love of the game, Hoop-E Pies.” Hopefully it catches on and brings good luck to the teams,” said Chappelle.Frank’s Bake Shop in Bangor has been selling the mini-treats for a couple of weeks now.They came up with the idea as a way to support the local teams and the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame.” When we say local, we’re talking about the state of Maine. We love the state of Maine and what better way to do it than to advertise it on food,” said Theresa Soucy, co-owner of Frank’s Bake Shop in Bangor.Hoop-E Pies advertise team spirit, the filling is tinted to match school colors, and it’s also advertising the hall of fame: something that could be coming to Bangor.” We’d have all kinds of memorabilia we’ll capture and we’ll have in it, and all kinds of names and the contributions people made to basketball from coaches to referees,” described Chappelle.The team at Frank’s Bake Shop, says so far, they’ve been scoring big with the Hoop-E Pie. Lindsay Harmon is cheering for the Hampden Broncos. Her niece is on the team, so she’s picking up Hoop-E Pies for the girls.” A small treat for Whitney and the rest of her team who have showed us a good team this season,” said Harmon.The game plan is to bring the treats around each year during the high school basketball tournament to give Mainers another way to support their teams.” You’re going to be hearing a lot more about the Hoop-E Pie,” said Soucy.You can pick up Hoop-E Pies for $1 each at Frank’s Bake Shop.For more information on the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame visit