Emotions Run High as Carr Verdict is Returned 

After deliberating for about four hours the jury delivered a verdict in the case of Zachary Carr, the young man accused of shooting John “Bobby” Surles in Bangor last year.Surles died two days later.Guilty of murder. That’s the verdict that was returned in the trial of Zachary Carr.” Our theory of the case obviously from the beginning had been that this was an intentional or knowing murder. There were witnesses that corroborated that and I was happy the jury saw it that way.”Carr began to cry as soon as the verdict was read.” We’re obviously disappointed in the verdict. We’re considering our options for motions. For this we’ll be filing a motion for a new trial. We’ll also likely be filing a motion for judgement as matter of law.”” I just loss my best friend. We were like brothers. I don’t know what to think.”Throughout the entire trial the courtroom has been full of friends of both Carr and Surles.They say they have taken a big lesson from this trial.” Just let the small stuff go. Get on with life. Fighting isn’t worth it, this is what it leads to.”Surles mother says she is relieved with the verdict.” Very hard, a lot of anxiety. Didn’t know what the outcome would be but I feel justice has been served.”Carr’s sentencing is scheduled for April 21st.The state says it’s a little premature to say what they will recommend for a sentence but think it may be in the 35 to 40 year range.