Zachary Carr Testifies in His Murder Trial 

The murder trial of Zachary Carr continued in Bangor.He’s accused of shooting 19-year-old John “Bobby” Surles in January of last year. Surles died two days later.On Thursday, the defense called Carr to the stand as its final witness.Carr gave an emotional account of what happened the night of January 27 when he says he accidentally shot Surles in self defense.Carr testified he had asked his father for a gun to protect his girlfriend from threats she was receiving online and got that gun on the day of the shooting.Carr said his friends were arguing with people over the phone and talking about meeting for a fight.Carr said he wanted nothing to do with it, but when Surles and a group of people showed up on Cumberland Street, he went outside with the gun.Carr says people were fighting everywhere, and someone was yelling for help.Carr says he tried to push Surles away from a friend, and that’s when Surles attacked him.Carr says someone sprayed him with mace, he couldn’t see very well, and as he raised his arm in defense, the gun went off. During the state’s cross examination, Assistant Attorney General, Andrew Benson, pointed out that Carr changed his story twice when the police initially interviewed him, last year.”Well, I mean Mr. Carr admitted that he lied to the police on more than one occasion, that he only came up with this story two days after the event about how this was an accidental shooting that’s directly contradicted by an impartial witness.”But Carr’s defense attorney, David Walker, says his client’s testimony was both honest and sincere. “I think that anyone who saw Zach testify would come to the conclusion that he’s absolutely telling the truth. He’s been carrying this around with him for a long time. I know he feels extremely remorseful. I know he’s sorry for the pain he’s cause.”On Friday both sides will present closing arguments and the jury is expected to deliberate in the afternoon.If Carr is convicted, he could face anywhere from 25-years to life in prison.