Report Measures Maine’s Economic Growth & It’s Future 

A bipartisan committee of lawmakers released its annual “Measure of Growth” report Thursday. It highlights 25 indicators that measure Maine’s economic progress.It also looked at where Maine stands in several other areas, ranging from obesity rates to reading levels. The report says Maine is strong in some areas but didn’t do well when it comes to weight, with more than 60% of Mainers overweight.The report says only 1/3 of Maine’s fourth graders are reading at an acceptable level. Committee members say while that’s higher than the national average, it’s still alarming. “4th grade reading is selected because it’s the time we move learning to read to reading to learn,” says Chris Rector, a Republican representing Knox County. “It’s that transition that inflection point so it’s critically important they achieve better proficiency.”The 19-member bipartisan committee that produces the report is selected by the president of the senate, the speaker of the house and the governor.