Frigid Weather Doesn’t Stop Opening of Ice Cream Shop 

The frigid weather didn’t stop some folks in Bangor from enjoying a favorite frozen treat. Dairy Queen on Broadway opened for the season Thursday, even though the temperature outside may have felt colder than the ice cream.The opening is about a month later than usual because of the rough winter this year. The store normally closes for about three months and re-opens at the beginning of February. Manager Ben Bambrick says the first day back is always exciting and business has been steady since the morning.”Something to look forward to look forward to, you know. Spring is on its way, summer’s on the way. Just hoping the snow’s gone and finally just start enjoying some ice cream everybody’s been dying for. We’re ignoring the snow. We’ll ignore the snow so we can eat some ice cream. If the sun’s out, then it’s a good day for ice cream.”Bambrick says customers have been ordering a little bit of everything.Not all Dairy Queen fans have had to go without this winter. Some of the restaurants in Maine stay open all year long.