Bangor Arena 

Now that a date has been set for a vote on a new Bangor arena, a citizen’s group that supports the project discussed it’s next move to promote it.But those who collected enough signatures to force the referendum say Bangor residents should look closely at the money involved.Supporters of a new arena say voters should look at an independent study they had done on the impact of such a facility.”The numbers are staggering, 26.8 million dollars in annual economic activity for the region. Four-hundred additional permanent jobs. I think it’s 9.2 million dollars in annual salaries and wages for people.”They say the opportunity for this region to grow once the arena is built is overwhelming.”When people are looking to relocate here, the fact that we’ve got this complex is another reason from a quality of life point of view that they’ll want to come to Bangor, Maine.”Miles Theeman, Co-chair of Friends of the Maine Center, says taxpayers currently spend between 4 and 5-hundred-thousand dollars a year to support the current auditorium.”In the financial analysis that’s been done, the number will be about the same. It may even be less as it grows, but it won’t cost them anymore literally to have a brand new facility.”Those who pushed for the referendum say their biggest concern is that folks outside Bangor would get the same benefits city residents have without paying a dime to build it.”Because if I want to use it, I have to pay the same as somebody from Orono and I want to rent it, I have to pay the same as somebody from Boston.”The facility would be built partly on a revenue stream from Hollywood Slots, but some say gambling revenues are trending down.”December, January, and February, the last three months, were ten percent below last year. The city’s rosy economic predictions aren’t coming into fruition. We’re going to be building an arena that’s going to cause tax increases for the next 30 years.”Bangor residents will make their voices heard at the polls on May 4th.