Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Westboro Church Protests 

A Searsport High student turned a school project into something bigger. A crusade against a controversial church group from Kansas.The group has drawn national attention for protesting outside the funerals of soldiers killed in action.The group’s right to do that was upheld Wednesday by the US Supreme Court.The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Church in Topeka, Kansas 8-1. The Snyder versus Phelps case was filed by a family whose son was a marine killed in Iraq, members of the church protested outside his funeral.” Said that the First Amendment does protect the Westboro Church and their right to protest.”Searsport High School Senior Zach Parker proposed a bill to prevent protests at military funerals.”I’m kind of disappointed. I was expecting it in a way and in a way I wasn’t. It is a fine line. It is freedom of speech but then against he question is is it a hate speech and are they going against people’s rights to gather peacefully in a private setting?”Parker is meeting with Governor LePage next week. He says the governor seems very supportive of the bill, but he’s not sure what his next step will be.”I know that the proposed legislation is just about done. I’ll go ahead and send it to Senator Snowe and Collins’ offices and Mike Michaud’s office.”Senator Collins released this statement on the Supreme Court’s ruling.”I am deeply disappointed by the Court’s decision in Snyder v. Phelps. As a nation, we cherish our rights to freedom of speech, but I am troubled that the Court’s ruling fails to protect grieving survivors of our nation’s fallen heroes during their one and only opportunity to conduct a funeral with the dignity that they and their loved one deserve.” Parker realizes that the highest court has spoken and there will be no appeal, so he’ll have to accept that, but it doesn’t mean he agrees with it.”I don’t think they’re within the First Amendment right. I think they are using hate speech and harassment.”