Prosecution Rests in Carr Murder Trial 

The state rested it’s case on Wednesday, and the defense called its first witnesses to the stand. They were all on Cumberland Street the night Surles was shot.22-year old Ben Hatfield testified that on January 27, Surles told him he was receiving threatening phone calls and needed his help.Hatfield said the calls continued and someone threatened to put a bullet in Surles’ brain.Hatfield told the jury they picked up some friends and five of them went to Cumberland Street, where they knew the calls were coming from. Hatfield said he slipped on ice as they were running onto the street, and was separated from the group.He says the next time he saw Surles, he was shot and trying to get help.The defense also called a 15-year old girl, who lived with Zachary Carr, to the stand. She told the jury that she witnessed the fight from her window, and saw Bobby Surles attack Carr with a red pipe.She said, “Bobby turned on Zach and hit him in the head and arm, and all of a sudden there was a bang.” She testified that Surles fell to ground, and Carr came back into the apartment crying and saying he didn’t mean to do it.But when the prosecutor questioned her, he asked why she told police she didn’t see anything that night, and that when Carr came back inside, he was actually very calm.She said that she thought the police would twist her words.The defense is expected to call more witnesses to the stand on Thursday.