Husson Men’s Basketball Anxious to Play in NCAA Tourney 

The Husson men’s basketball team is back in the D3 NCAA tournament for the second time in three years. This time tomorrow, the Eagles will be in Williamstown, Massachusetts for Friday’s game with fourth ranked Williams College. It’s a tough game, but Husson is a tough team and they say they are ready for this weekend’s matchup.Josh Jones – Husson Senior”It doesn’t matter if they are in first place, we got to come in ready to play defense. Any one can win, it’s 40 minutes, anything can happen in 40 minutes.”Eric Modica – Husson Sophomore”Were an underdog. We have no pressure on us. Basically, we’re just coming out and playing and there is nothing more dangerous than a team with nothing to lose.”For 17 year head coach Warren Caruso, it’s the 8th time in the NCAA tournament. His message to the team is to stay loose.Warren Caruso – Husson Head Coach”The pressure is on them to win this game and so going in loose. With that relaxed atmosphere and lets give them our best try. I think that is a great place to start. From a game standpoint, we really need to rebound and shoot well. If we can hang with them on the boards, they’ve got great size and we can shoot the ball well, then I think we can give ourselves an opportunity to win.”