Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Brings Cat in the Hat to Coastal Schools Through New System 

A special guest was in Bass Harbor for Read Across America Week.It was the Cat in the Hat, so we thought we’d take a peek.On Dr. Seuss’s birthday he read “Horton Hears a Who.”Chelsey Anderson has this story for you.—–The students came together through a video system at their school.Some came dressed as book characters, they thought that would be cool.Madison Williams, 2nd Grader: “The Cat in the Hat.”Abigail Strout, 2nd Grader: “I’m Thing 2.”It’s an interactive system, this idea is quite new.Nat: “This is the first time we’ve ever really tried to see it work.”It was a hit, no problems, not one quirk.Eight schools and two islands all got together.They didn’t have to travel by bus or boat or worry about the weather.Nat: “The special guest today is the Cat in the Hat.”He was there to read “Horton Hears a Who.” And what did the kids think about that?Abigail: “Sometimes they rhyme and they’re really funny.”Madison: “I liked that Horton the elephant was trying to help the Whos.”But in Seuss’ books there is always a lesson. So, what’s this one, that’s the question.Abigail: “Don’t be mean to them.”What a wonderful celebration to honor Dr. Seuss, not that we really needed an excuse.The moral of this story came from the Cat in the Hat himself, it did.Robert Liebow, Superintendent, AOS 91: “Because there’s nothing more important than reading for kids.”Chelsey Anderson, WABI TV5 News, Bass Harbor.