The Kids Shoppe in Veazie to Close 

A long-time consignment store in Veazie which was designed with kids in mind is closing. The Kids Shoppe is scheduled to shut its doors at the end of April.The owners say it’s simply time.For nearly three decades, the Kids Shoppe in Veazie has been the place to shop for second-hand children’s clothes and toys.Sherry Williams says her mom, Sandy, and grandmother, Joyce, started the specialty store 29 years ago. “I don’t think there were any back then. I really don’t think there were any. Now there are. But the one thing about the Kids Shoppe is that my grandmother washes and irons everything, every piece of clothing. There’s no stains, no rips, no nothing.”Williams says her mom decided to expand her other business in the building: Sandy’s Hair Shoppe.This summer, the hair salon will move downstairs and Williams will open a spa upstairs.”They’ve done it for so long and it’s time for a change. You know everything – the business took off and it’s been fantastic but they just want a new change.”A change that will be hard to take for many customers, who often come from all parts of the state.”I’ve talked to so many people the past couple of weeks from up north in Houlton and that area that come down specifically for here that are really going to miss it.””A lot of the people have come in years ago and now it’s their children actually buying for their children’s children.”Williams says the Kids Shoppe has become a part of her family, too, and saying goodbye won’t be easy.”My younger brother, who’s 26, I believe his clothes are what started this place and then it was on to my children’s clothes and now my little guy’s eight and his are here so it just makes me realize that they’re growing up. It’s going to be tough for a lot of people because they really enjoy it.”Just like you’d expect, the Kids Shoppe is having a sale to clear out all of its stock before it closes. The newly remodeled hair salon and spa are expected to open in May or June.