Full House for Special Hampden Town Council Meeting 

It was a full house at a special Town Council meeting in Hampden Tuesday night and things got heated.So many people showed up, the meeting was moved into a larger room, and even then it was still standing room only. Residents were there to express their concerns over the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan for Hampden.Many land owners within the community are fearful the new plan is too restrictive and takes away too many landowners’ rights. Council members say it’s simply a guiding document and isn’t putting restrictions on anyone right now.”Get involved out there and get involved because they’re coming after your property. They don’t want to pay you for it, they just want to tell you what you can do with it and cannot do with it, it’s very scary thing,” said Lisa Carter, a resident of Hampden.” It is not passing any rules, regulations, laws, ordinances, anything that restricts anybody in any way, shape or form from that document,” said Thomas Brann, Hampden Town Councilor. The item of whether or not to repeal the 2010 Comprehensive Plan is on the agenda for Monday’s council meeting. We’re told some action will be taken, which could include deciding to hold a public meeting on the issue.