Day One of Zachary Carr Murder Trial 

After a month delay, the murder trial of 19-year-old Zachary Carr began in Bangor Monday morning.The date was pushed back to allow both sides to review new evidence.Carr is on trial for the shooting death of John “Bobby” Surles in Bangor in January of last year.The judge shortened the day to allow jurors to safely drive home in the messy weather.They did hear opening statements as well as testimony from witnesses to the crime scene.========”There was a good old fashioned street brawl here on Cumberland Street,” says Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson.The brawl would end with 19-year-old John “Bobby” Surles, getting shot. Two days later, he died. Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson called the shooting an execution, with 19-year old Zachary Carr as the trigger man.”The defendant, Zachary Carr, pulled out this Glock 9 mm pistol, raised it, aimed it carefully at Mr. Surles as he lay there on the ground, backing up a couple of steps, and pulled the trigger,” Benson told jurors Monday morning.But why? According to Benson, it all began earlier in the day when someone in Surles’ group threw an egg at a friend of Carr’s. That apparently led to someone throwing a bat at Surles’ car, and eventually a challenge for the two groups to fight.Carr’s defense attorney says it was his client that persuaded his group not to fight that afternoon. “In fact, he reprimanded them for engaging in such foolishness,” said Thomas Matzilevich.But a few hours later, Surles and his group reportedly came back.”Now at this point, Zach is backing away, trying to get out of there, but he’s being attacked by John Surles” Matzilevich told jurors on Monday.He says somehow, Surles was shot. A number of witnesses told jurors the two groups took off soon after. A passerby and several neighbors came to the aid of Surles. They all testified the victim identified Zach Carr as the shooter.====Tuesday morning, jurors will visit the crime scene. They’ll also tour an apartment mentioned during testimony.No word yet if Zachary Carr will take the stand. His attorney tells TV-5 that Carr has rejected several plea deals leading up to the trial, instead wanting to prove his innocence.