Benefit Thanks Maine Troop Greeters 

About twenty years ago, World War II veteran Bill Knight, started what’s become a long standing tradition in Bangor.Greeting the service men and women whose flights pass through the city. “It makes them remember that the country is part theirs as it is ours.”Now, his friends at his new home in Sunbury Village want to recognize his efforts. “It gave us an extra incentive to want to do this to honor not only veterans, Bangor area Troop Greeter, but Bill Knight himself,” said coordinator, Marilyn Phinney of Sunbury Village.The retirement home did so with a benefit brunch to raise money for the Maine Troop Greeters. “Some of them may not even be veterans, but they’re doing this on behalf of all the troops who are coming and going.”Like Joan McManus, whose son is serving in the Air Force. She drives to Bangor once a month just to stand at the end of a terminal and welcome home troops.”The first time we came up and saw what all of these people were doing we were just so taken. All of the troop greeters have become very special friends of ours because of what they do,” said McManus.Greeters are using the benefit to show appreciation for the ones who they think deserve it most. “The real heroes are the guys that we put back on the plane,” said the Greeters chairman, Tom Kohl.And the ones who they’ll always be waiting for with open arms.