Gas Prices 

Skyrocketing gas prices has everyone talking. Many places in the Bangor area hiked their prices by close to ten cents overnight. That’s on top of similar increases earlier in the week.We spoke with the owner of Swett’s Tire and Auto Shop in Bangor who says the spike in cost is impacting his business.James Swett says credit card prices are also going up.He says there was a time last year when costs sky-rocketed, but nothing like this.He says wednesday, his price went up 8.5 cents, then six cents again Thursday.He doesn’t understand what’s behind it.”They say the Middle East but I don’t get that. I think it’s probably the futures. People buying futures and we’re probably driving our own gas prices up.”Swett says if this continues, he expects a lot of small business will have to close down.According to the Web site, Maine Gas, the average price Friday in Maine is $3.36 a gallon, up 14 cents from Monday.