Folks Hit the Beach on Snowy Day 

Sand Beach is known for its beautiful sand made of shell fragments and pounding surf but in February it looks a lot different.”Coming to Sand Beach in the winter may not seem like a great vacation but this is a great way to see how change happens in Acadia and a great way to compare it to what happens in the summer,” said Park Ranger Sonya Berger.Berger says the beach still maintains its beauty despite the snow and wanted to share it with others.”The quiet, the solitude and the beauty of the park doesn’t just stop in the summer season.”She led a small group along the snow covered sand on a tour of the beach to see how the frigid temperatures affect the water and wildlife.James Peabody was surprised to learn that the water’s temperature rarely drops below 55 degrees even if the outside temperature is in the teens or below zero.Peabody drove in from Stonington to take in the natural beauty of the beach.”It really sets off the water, you get to see the aqua greens inside the breaking waves.”Berger says Acadia National Park has programs all year long.”Acadia National Park is open year round and a lot of people don’t realize there’s some great sights to see and things to learn just by coming and visiting some familiar faces at different times in the year.”