9-1-1 Dispatch 

In an emergency situation, every minute is crucial.At a local 9-1-1 dispatch center, they make sure not to waste any time. We took a look inside the Penobscot Regional Communication Center in Bangor to find out what happens after an operator picks up the phone.On the other end of the line is someone who needs their help. “They could take a call where someone just pulled a 3-year old out of a pool and they’re not breathing, and they’ve got to give instructions for cpr.” It’s just one emergency a 9-1-1 operator could face on the job. At the Penobscot Regional Communication Center in Bangor, they’re ready for it.”There is a certain protocol they go through to get the basic information. Name, telephone, and what’s the location, what’s the problem.” There are about six people answering the phones at any given time. All accompanied by a partner that acts as a guiding hand in an emergency situation: a computer program, called Aqua.”As you’re asking the question, whatever you get for an answer, sends you to the next questions and if it gets to the point where are they breathing, are they conscious and the answer is no, computer automatically sends them to dispatch.” But there isn’t an electronic substitute for the operators themselves, whose conversations with callers could be the difference between life and death.”The biggest thing is keeping them reassuring them that you’re doing good, you’re doing good.” Simple words that can go a long way, especially when the person on the phone is a child.”We’ve had some great cases through here with children.” Most recently, a ten year old boy who dialed 9-1-1 to save his mother’s life.”He got scared and said, mom, mom and he said should I call 9-1-1 and I shook my head yes that he should.” About three weeks ago, Lana Stcyr was home alone with her kids when she started feeling dizzy. “She had told me before that she didn’t feel very good and she said that she can’t breathe very good and couldn’t stay awake.” Isaac learned about what to do during an emergency at school, and moments later was on the phone with an operator.”They told me to do a couple things like put my dog in the garage, make sure that everyone is down in the different room and make sure that she’s warm enough. I had to make sure that she was breathing, but she wasn’t breathing very good.” Within minutes, dispatchers found the Stcyr’s home.”My hands and feet were purple, my eyes were fixed and dilated almost like going into shock.” But she was able to get to a hospital in time.”If Isaac hadn’t been here, I don’t believe 9-1-1 would have been called and I’m not sure what would have happened.”An outcome that the dispatchers and Stcyr’s will fortunately never know.