Students Opt to Work for Spring Break 

Greg Pease is headed to sunny Key West for his spring break, but he won’t be spending long days at the beach.In fact, he won’t be taking a break at all. “We’ll be doing some environmental work. We’ll be clearing up the beach, doing some trail work. We really don’t know. We’re going to be doing whatever they need us to do.”That’s right. This senior in college will be giving up his last college break to give back.He’s actually one of eighty-six students taking part in the University of Maine’s Spring Break Alternative Program.”I really hope to get something meaningful out of it since I’ve heard so many good things from my friends and my roommates that have done it before,” said Pease.Friends like Sean Campbell, who started participating three years ago, and is now coordinating this year’s program.”I just think it’s a great way to give back to the community, and it’s also a way to travel and experience new things and it’s meaningful.”He’ll be heading to El Paso, Texas to volunteer at the Child Crisis Center, an experience he expects to be as rewarding as the last ones. “You get to see like there faces at the end of it and they’re always surprised about how much you can actually accomplish in one week when it’s just 12 students,” said Campbell.Students will be traveling in groups to various states throughout the country, mostly paid for by fundraising efforts they started last year. “It’s kind of changed what I want to do for the rest of my life, like seeing some of the things that I saw on the trip and realizing more of the issues that are out there. It’s had a great impact on my life and potentially my career decisions,” said Campbell.Sounds like a spring break worth every penny.