Local Farms Ready to Meet Customers 

Even though there is still snow on the ground, local farmers are gearing up for spring.This weekend, they’ll be sharing information about their upcoming season.Twelve local farms will be at the Community Supported Agriculture Fair on Sunday.The fair gives farmers and customers a chance to meet, and learn about what kinds of produce and products will be available.Laura Binger works as an organizer for Food and Medicine of Brewer, which is co-sponsoring the event. She says it’s a great way to help local growers and the community.”I see this as a way to support our local economy. Make sure that money I’m spending on food anyways is being used to buy food locally from a farm that I know.”The fair is also sponsored by the Maine Organic Farms and Gardeners Association.It will be held at the Bangor Unitarian Universalist Church, this Sunday, from 1 to 3 pm.