Couple Renews Their Vows After 58 Years of Marriage 

The folks at Mt. Saint Joseph Nursing Home in Waterville held a special reception Thursday for a local couple.After fifty-eight years, Avis and Phil Witherell renewed their vows.”It was one of those days when you get married on your paycheck. We only made 40 to 50 dollars them days. We got married in Winthrop with somebody standing up with us. My brother and a friend of my wife’s. It was married on a Friday night, back to work on Monday.”Fifty-eight years later Phil and Avis Witherell are still happily married.”She was always a great cook. I was always proud to go somewhere with her. She’s so good looking.”One of their favorite things to do as a couple.”We were pretty good dancers. They used to gather around the floor and clap their hands when we did the jitterbug.”Avis was recently diagnosed with cancer. In August she was told she only had two to six months to live, a wish of hers, to have an actual wedding ceremony before she passes away.”She talked to the social worker and her hospice friend and they decided to have this party.”Avis was all dressed up for the occasion.”She looks real pretty. That’s one of her traits, she always looked good. She wanted nice clothes and did her hair a lot and make up. I have to bring her make up in here a lot.”The most important message Phil has for Avis.”Well I still love her very much.”