Winterport Man Shares the Force of Star Wars With Home Collection 

If you step behind these doors in Chris Beckwith’s home in Winterport you’d think you stepped aboard the Millenium Falcon.His Star Wars collection has become popular among neighbors and students in the technology classroom where he teaches.”There’s always a steady stream of neighbors, kids from down the street who want to see if there’s anything new,” he said.When Chris was seven, he was exposed to Star Wars in first grade when he saw one of his classmates playing with an action figure.”I went over and said can I play with those and he said no you can’t touch them,” Beckwith said.Then on his birthday his mother surprised him with his own.”My mom figured we could buy these twelve what could be the harm in that,” he says.Now with thousands of Star Wars toys it seems Chris has had the last laugh.His collection includes a custom light saber and one of the top five rarest star wars figures ever made, both versions of the Blue Snaggletooth. One of the collectibles was found at a garage sale.His wife Rachel may roll her eyes over the obsession, but says she supports him to the fullest.She even made Star Wars a part of their wedding.”So I said why don’t we have some Star Wars music, I won’t do any costumes or anything but let’s try to keep with the star wars theme in our vows and the reception,” she said.Chris says he has no plans for ending his collection.Just this past October, Chris finished creating his Star Wars suite, it’s a room in the basement of his home where he can share the force with others.”This collection just keeps you young and I’m a 40 year old playing with toys now and will be doing it for as long as they make them.”If you’d like to learn more about Chris’ collection, you can find it on Facebook by searching “Chris Beckwith’s Star Wars Collection.”