Former Augusta Fireman Pleads Not Guilty to Sex Abuse Charges 

A former Augusta fire department captain has pleaded not guilty to charges that he sexually abused a 14-year-old girl.Robert Macmaster appeared before a judge in a Kennebec County courtroom Wednesday morning. District attorney Evert Fowle says Macmaster is accused of sexually abusing the girl over a period of four years, beginning in April of 2006.Macmaster pleaded not guilty to one count of gross sexual assault and four counts of sexual abuse of a minor. “We haven’t even received the discovery yet,” says defense attorney Sean Farris. “But my client maintains his innocence and he is innocent of these charges. And at this time we’ll be getting the discovery and preparing for a trial.” Farris says there’s no plan to enter any sort of plea deal.Macmaster is due in court again in April. Last month, he was sentenced to two weeks in jail for stealing more than 35-hundred dollars from a firefighters union fund.