EMMC Blood Management Program Part Two 

Caroline Braznyak was hesitant to try the Blood Management Program because it would delay her surgery by a month, but now she says she has no regrets.Caroline Braznyak had a joint replacement. Shortly after, it became infected.She needed to have the joint taken out, a spacer inserted, and the new joint put back in.When she went in for her initial appointment prior to surgery, her blood count was only 7.9.The normal count for adult women is 12 to 16 and for middle-aged women 11.7 to 13.8.EMMC staff recommended she have iron transfusions, which is part of their blood management program.”I was not enthusiastic about it because it pushed my surgery back a month.”Eventually, Braznyak agreed to do it and says she’s happy with her decision.”I felt so much better after this. I’ve had other means and other surgeries of saving blood and this has left me feeling really good.”She says her blood pressure didn’t go up when she stood up and she didn’t have any dizzy spells.”I went from a 7.9 to 13 before my surgery so I’d say it worked and a week after surgery my blood count was 11.”Medical Director Irwin Gross says Braznyak was the perfect candidate for this program.”Their own blood is the best source. By being screened for anemia prior to an elective surgical procedure where a significant blood loss is anticipated we can identify those patients who can benefit from some of these patient blood management strategies.”Braznyak says she’d do it again too.”For an elective surgery. Yes I would do that, in a heartbeat.”