Kids Celebrate George Washington’s Birthday 

A birthday party fit for a Commander in Chief took place in Bangor Tuesday. Local kids celebrated the birth of President George Washington.Nate Sjogren is a self-proclaimed George Washington buff.”In school, you’re supposed to dress up and learn about this famous person and I did George Washington and I had a huge biography that I had to read in four weeks!” “He said, I had to dress up like George Washington and read all about his life and gave a report, so I really know a lot about him,” added Anne Mundy, head of children’s services at the Bangor Public Library.True to his word, Nate does know a lot about our country’s first president. “He was a leader in the war, he had false teeth, he was on Mount Rushmore, he has a monument, all kinds of awesome things about George Washington!”Thanks to a program at the Bangor Public Library, lots of kids had the chance to become George Washington aficionados. “He was the president, the first president and he’s on the one dollar bill,” said Iann Leigh. “He lost all his teeth and then he had to get a pair of false teeth but it didn’t really work for him because they were too big,” said Josh Ortiz.The kids watched a slide show about George Washington’s life, cleaned pennies, ate oatmeal and made replicas of Washington’s famous three-cornered hat.”We thought it would be fun to have a George Washington birthday party,” said Mundy.Holly Twining brought her son Zane to the event, and loved every minute of it. “Anytime they tie in a book, they tie in reading with a craft, with her slide show about Washington was awesome and these different venues they use to get it in their minds in wonderful.”As for one of Washington’s biggest fans, Nate hopes everyone takes the time to learn about the Father of his Country. “If you learn about him you can learn about how awesome his life is too!”The Bangor Public Library has fun children’s events set up throughout the week. If you’d like more information, call the library at 947-8336.