Family Celebrates 102 Years of Birthdays 

There isn’t much that can impress someone who has more than a hundred years of life experience.”Well, 150 would be better,” said 102-year-old Dorothea Tozier. Dorothea Tozier, or ‘Dot’ as her family calls her, officially became a centurion two years ago. After celebrating then, she didn’t think there was much left for her to do.”I thought that was the end of time, but it wasn’t.”With all these years under her belt, parties, cakes, and even birthday wishes don’t seem to phase her.”I thought about it and then I said, oh the heck with it!” But a celebration gives her a chance to spend time with the ones she’s touched throughout her life.”She’s got a happy soul. I think she lives to enjoy herself. She wants everybody else to enjoy themselves,” said granddaughter, Janell Anthony.”She’s very young at heart. She goes with the flow, with everything. And she tells it like it is. You never know what she’s going to say,” said Anthony’s sister, Vicky Perz.And they’re both familiar with Tozier’s most entertaining hobby: singing. In all her years, there was seldom a time she didn’t break into song. It’s a habit her family thinks she picked up during her 38-years as a teacher. “I think it’s because she taught kindergarten and that’s what you do,” said Perz.Retirement hasn’t stopped her from sharing some simple life lessons.”Just take it as it comes, just as it happens,” said Tozier.