Senior Watch: Strokes 

Paula Lowney, Nurse Coordinator for Joint and Stroke Centers of Excellence at EMH, talks about strokes.Stroke Risk Factors:                What you can control:                                High blood pressure                                Smoking                                Activity Level                                Being overweight                                Managing your cholesterol                What you can’t control:                                Age                                Sex                                Family history                                Ethnicity What are Stroke Symptoms?              Sudden:                                       Numbness in face, arm or leg                                      Slurred Speech                                      Blurred vision                                      Dizziness or loss of balance                                      Severe headache What to do if symptoms occur-                CALL  911                Do not take aspirinEastern Area Agency on Aging450 Essex St., Bangor, MEHours: M-F 8:00 – 4:30Local line: 941-2865Toll-free: (800) 432-7812Website: