Reincarnation- Is there Life after Life? Part Two 

Life and death.We know for a fact that one follows the other.But what happens next has been debated for centuries.Dr. Krishna Bhatta is a physician in Bangor.He’s also a practicing Hindu.Dr. Bhatta is writing a book on reincarnation, specifically why scientists should be investigating life after life.=====”We have different types of bodies,” explains Dr. Krishna Bhatta. “One is the physical body, another layer of body is called the ethereal body, which is made of emotions. It’s like when you are angry, you feel bigger and when you feel depressed, you feel very small. And then, there is another body which is the astral body, which is more like an electromagnetic body, which doesn’t have a shape and size, but it still carries a lot of information from us.”That theory is the basis for reincarnation- a subject that carries as much curiosity as it does controversy. Dr. Krishna Bhatta grew up Hindu. His and other Eastern religions believe that after we die, our Astral bodies travel to a different body.”The average person finds a body, according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, between 40 and 50 days,” says Dr. Bhatta.Dr. Bhatta says most of us don’t have a choice in where our astral bodies end up, or when they come back. “It depends on what stage you are at,” says Dr. Bhatta. “So, if you are at the level of Jesus or Buddha, they are called liberated. One you get beyond this astral body, there is a mental body, then there is a cosmic body. So once you get to the level of the cosmic body, then you and Cosmos kind of become the same, so you can decide whether you want to come back or not. The rest of us are destined to come back unless we escalate ourselves to that level.”Dr. Bhatta is writing a book called “Journey from Life to Life.” He believes there are ways to experience parts of reincarnation, while still living.”I think true meditation, you can actually see your astral body,” says Dr. Bhatta, “and you can separate yourself from physical body, travel into space, and come back. And many times your dreams, like when you’re flying through the air, those are not dreams of the physical body, those are dreams of the astral body, somehow the astral body moves around and comes back in your body.”Dr. Bhatta says he himself has come close, “but I don’t have the control yet, that I can do it at will.”In his book, Dr. Bhatta talks about the practical side to reincarnation.”So while you are living, if you can get out of and come back to your body, then you know that when you are dying, you have a say of where you are going.”Dr. Bhatta believes that someday soon, science will take a closer look at what he calls the ultimate adventure.======You can read excerpts of Dr. Krishna Bhatta’s book on his website.