Reincarnation- Is there Life after Life? Part One 

It’s one of the greatest mysteries of life- what happens after we die?Many believe our souls rise to heaven.But there are some who believe our bodies travel elsewhere.Tammy Creswell never really thought much about reincarnation.Until a few years back, when Tammy’s three-year old daughter, Rachel decided to tell her mother about her “other” family.=====”We were out splitting firewood,” said Tammy Creswell. (Rachel says) ‘I really like my new family better than my old family.'”And I’m like, you have an old family? And she said yeah. And I said, ‘Well, where is this old family?’ And she said, ‘Oh well, they all died.” And I said ‘Wow, how did they die?’ And she said, they took bad medicine. She said, but I didn’t take mine, so I lived.'”At the time, Tammy Creswell didn’t think too much of Rachel’s story. After all, three year olds love to make things up. But then she remembered hearing a similar tale about her own family tree history.”I didn’t really know the details,” said Crewswell. “I had heard it a long, long time ago.”Creswell called her mom and sister.”So, then my sister came over and started asking Rachel more questions,” said Creswell. “And it was just kind of weird some of the things she said. Like, I never thought to ask her what her name was or anything, and she said her name was Hannah. And I’m thinking, ‘Well, she’s got a cousin named Hannah, maybe that’s where that came from. Just more and more, she said she lived on a farm.”There is a Hannah Sweat. She was born back in 1861, one of 11 children in the Sweat family. Hannah is Rachel’s great, great, great grandmother’s sister. “And they did live on a farm,” said Sandy Hughes, Rachel’s grandmother.Turns out, Sandy Hughes’ aunt had done some geneology research awhile back on her side of the family. When sandy dug out the papers, she was astounded.”My aunt had written a little note at the bottom on this here,” said Hughes. “And it said, ‘Many of the children of John and Mary Sweat died in a diphtheria epidemic in Grand Bee, Quebec, Canada.’ The family lore is that one of the daughters survived the epidemic, and the strange part of the story is, she was the only one who didn’t take her medicine. She threw hers under the bed. And the others died.”That daughter was Hannah. Hughes believes that Hannah was fairly young when this happened, since the stories talk about her sharing a bed with her siblings. Rachel has since forgotten much of what she said. And Sandy says when she showed her granddaughter the picture of Hannah Sweat, there was no reaction. “I still don’t know that I believe that she was this person back then,” says Creswell. “But I can’t explain how she knew the stuff she knew. It’s weird.”