Police Say Clinton Man Pulls A Gun And Beats His Teenage Sister 

Police were called to a home in Clinton Monday after they received a report of shots fired. The incident leaves a woman in the hospital and her brother in jail. The report came in just after 1:00 Monday afternoon. Police were called to a home on Railroad street in Clinton.According to Clinton Police Chief Craig Johnson 23-year-old Adam Trott of Clinton was involved in an altercation of some kind with his younger sister.Trott had a gun and multiple shots were fired. Clinton police were joined by Fairfieled police as well as Maine state troopers. Officers entered the house and arrested Trott shortly before 2:30 this afternoon. “A female victim was brought to the hospital with head injuries however nobody here was shot,” said Clinton Police Chief Craig Johnson. “However shots were fired none of them by law enforcement Mr. Trott was arrested without incident.”Trott was taken to the Kennebec County Jail and charged with aggravated domestic assault, reckless conduct with a firearm, and criminal mischief.Police have not disclosed the extent of the head injuries suffered by Trott’s sister during the incident or said exactly how Trott allegedly inflicted those injuries on her.Police are not releasing the name of the victim because she is under the age of 18. Police also say they’ve confiscated the firearm used in the incident and are holding it as evidence. For now the investigation into what exactly happened here continues. Police say Trott could still be facing more charges.