Missing Hiker Recovering 

A fun, weekend hike up Maine’s tallest mountain ended in a rescue mission for a group of college students. “We were just going to camp out one night, climb the next day, go back down, camp out and then head home,” said twenty-one year old. Christopher Dubois.But Dubois never made it down from Mt. Katahdin’s summit.”I was in the rear of our group and the wind just picked me up right off a rock and threw me off a cliff.” He plummeted about twenty feet into the snow below.”I couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see me, but they waited about thirty minutes. They were shouting back trying to get a hold of me. When I realized I wasn’t going to make contact with them because it was starting to get late and stuff, I just made a dash for the tree line, so I could get out of the wind.”That night, the winds exceeded forty miles per hour, with temperatures in the teens.Dubois managed to build a small hole for himself.”I built up some walls around myself. I put my snowshoes over my head and then like pine bristles on the ground.”He would spend the night like that.Rescue crews located his friends, who called for help on a cell phone from Helon Taylor Trail.”They got back down off the mountain close to two o’clock in the morning,” said rescue crew member, Mike Avery.Avery was on the mountain for a training session with Lincoln Search and Rescue.After another crew found Dubois’ friends, they decided to head back up the mountain the next morning. “Given what the conditions were there wasn’t a lot of optimism. First of all, that we would find him, or even find him alive.”Around noon, everyone heard their first sign of hope.”We blew the whistle three times, and heard two shouts in response,” said Avery.”When I heard that first whistle I wasn’t sure so I shouted back, and then I heard a voice and I was like yes,” said DuboisHe was air lifted out and is recovering at Eastern Maine Medical Center. Despite frostbite and cramped muscles, Dubois’ attitude seems unaffected.”Yeah, I think we’re going to go up next weekend.”