UPDATE: Missing Hiker Found 

(AP)Search teams have found a hiker who got lost in northern Maine’s Baxter State Park.Officials say 23-year-old Chris Dubois is recovering after spending a frigid night on Mount Katahdin.Dubois is a Univeristy of Maine student and was making a ten mile hike with three friends Saturday when he tumbled down a slope and his hiking mates were unable to find him or hear him yelling.The Maine Forest Service dispatched a helicopter early Sunday morning to help look for him, but officials say the visibility encountered, along with significant down drafts exceeding 45 miles per hour, made a helicopter rescue at that time impossible.A second flight was attempted later in the day but similar conditions existed.But around noon searchers found him and a Maine National Guard helicopter hoisted him aboard to safety.They say Dubois was hospitalized with leg cramps and possible frostbite.